Salin Flower medicine and the Norwegian Essences is a new set of 63 essences, which are mainly based on the beautiful and unique Norwegian flora. As a complementary treatment, flower medicine has been shown to have a good effect in many areas. Among other things, it will be able to provide support for a better quality of life, increased mental strength and a deeper sense of inner peace, stress relief and self-worth. The essences of the Norwegian Essences are sold either individually, as a smaller set of 20 pieces, or as a complete set with an associated wooden box. The Book Salin Flower Medicine - Norwegian Essences for Therapeutic use and Personal Power, covers each individual plant and flower essence thoroughly. Bach's Flower Medicine, which was created by the English physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, is used throughout much of the world to this day. Dr. Bach described flower essences as a way to capture the plants' own unique vibrational frequencies. He thought it could strengthen the individual on an emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological level. In kinesiology, muscle testing is used to find out which essences suit the individual, and the accompanying text often speaks directly to the heart.

Individual essences: NOK 149
Set of 20 optional essences: NOK 2,140 (NOK 107 per piece)
Set of 63 essences: NOK 5950 (NOK 94.50 per piece)
Set of 63 pieces with wooden box:
NOK 6,200
Book: Salin Flower medicine - Norwegian Essences for Therapeutic use and Personal Power: NOK 350


Apple blossom - forgiveness, new perspective, new beginning

Arctic starflower - trauma, unstable psyche, emotional knots

Beach carnation - seek refuge, vulnerable, deep inner wisdom, strong

Beebread/Borage - playfulness, joy, fearlessness

Bird's-foot-trefoil - protection, rest, purification

Birch - relieve loneliness and anxiety

Bitterberg button - acceptance, let go of resentment, bitterness

Blue bell - setting boundaries, communication

Blueberry flower - collective consciousness, you are irreplaceable

Bog bilberry - visibility, take the room

Common starwort - approval, fragility, need support

Coltsfoot - fearless, willing, entrepreneur, seek to be right

Cosmic Portal - essence combination:Higher Consciousness, Higher Frequency

Cow parsley - gather your thoughts, balance

Dandelion - trinity: body, mind and spirit, adaptation, will

Dwarf cornel - freedom, openness

Eriophorum - warm you, embrace, care

European goldenrod- separation anxiety, clinginess, loneliness

European wood anemone - will to live, hope, order, avoid chaos

Forget-me-not - self-worth, self-esteem, friendship

Fall hawkbit - for sleep problems, restlessness, fear of the dark

Heather- choose to flourish, relieve grief, home to yourself

Lady's mantle - strengthening children, maturing, learning difficulties

Larch - urge to create, creativity, mother/child, optimism

Lavender - exhaustion, emptiness, soothing, new vitality

Lilac - simplicity, judgment, growing up

Lingonberry flower -endurance, when it accumulates

Maple - grounding, performance anxiety, setting track

Marigold - creativity, sensuality, own body, joy

Meadow buttercup - let your power shine forth, make choices

Meadowsweet - straight-backed, emotional nourishment mother/child

Mountain flowers - essence combination:freedom, unconditional love

Northern march-orchid - victim role, vitality, you are unique and irreplaceable

Ocimum sanctum - your soul's purpose, relieve nightmares, feminin power

Oxeye daisy - greatness, great choices, perseverance

Pelargonium - cleansing of guilt and shame, you are guiltless

Pine - rooting, security, relieving guilt

Pink yarrow - empathy, deep emotional wounds, forgiveness

Premorse scabious - rest, nourishment for the soul, transitions

Raspberry flower - follow your dreams

Red campion - burn at both ends, anger

Red clover - strength, courage, transformation

Road thistle - rage, pent up emotions, crying, dare to be whole

Rose bay willow herb - joy and pride, prevent forgetfulness

Rose hip - anger, bitterness, see your own beauty

Rose root - vitality, joy, personal relationships

Rowan- don't be bitter, live now, pleasure, new glow

Saxifrage - trust, tolerating uncertainty, courage

Sea aster - for exhaustion, mineral deficiency, dullness, emptiness

Siberian poppy - joy, relieve addiction, self-loathing

Spruce - stability and self-respect

St. John's wort - relieve depression

Three-color violet - celebration of life, bridge builder, manifestation

Thyme flower - focus, concentration

Tufted vetch - stand alone when needed, independence

Valerian - restful sleep, relieve anxiety, intuition

Water avens - introvert, shy, time, space, calm

Water shamrock - nostalgia, awe, celebration of life

Wild strawberry - sensitivity, clairvoyance, humility, protective

White campion - purify the aura, intuition, purity, innocence

White clover - bond, strengthen relationships, security

White yarrow - protective, soothing, natural authority

Wood cranesbill -mysterious, introverted, transformation